Provision of Telecommunication resale Services

The Standardization and Regulation Directorate of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology provides the service of issuance and renewal of license for providers of Telecommunication Reseal services such as, telephone resale service , fax resale service, internet resale service,telecenter resale service. In order to get the telecommunication reseal service license issued, customers are required to present their service request by filling up application form, submit together with required documents and pay fee of the service. The license issued by the ministry is valid for a period of one government fiscal year and required to be renewed every year.

In order to get Telecommunication Reseal services license. which includes  telephone resale service, fax resale service, internet resale service and telecenter resale service. 

service prerequisite

  • The customer should have one customer service employee with at least primary education completed or provided with training related to the post;
  • For telephone service resale, one telephone line and telephone service price display machine;
  • For internet café service, one internet account, internet browser, one software or application uploaded computer, one printer, duration and price display machine;
  • For fax service resale, one telephone line, one fax machine and fax service price display machine;
  • The customer is also required to get office suitable for service provision;

Required Documents to be attached 

  • Correctly filled service application form
  • Signed contract agreement with Ethio-telecom for telecom resale service;
  • Tax Payer Identification Certificate 
  • Commercial Registration Certificate(7-Transport,storage and communication)
  • Article and memorandum of Association related to the  license  that the customer need.
  • Certificate of legal establishment if the service requesting body is nonprofit organization
  • Photograph of customer or general manager of PLC or Share Company

For the service of renewal of license for Telecommunication resale service, the customer is required to submit filled service application form and attach letter of tax clearance and previously issued certificate of license for Telecommunication Reseal service.

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