Telecommunication Value Added Services License

The Standardization and Regulation Directorate of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology provides the service of issuance and renewal of license for providers of Telecommunication value added services such as, short messaging services, payment transaction services, entertainment and information services, location based services, call center services and virtual internet services. In order to get the value added services license issued, customers are required to present their service request by filling up application form and submit together with required documents. The license issued by the ministry is valid for a period of one government fiscal year and required to be renewed every year.

In order to get the license for Telecommunication value added service, which includes short messaging services, payment transaction services, entertainment and information services, location-based services, call center services and virtual internet services, issued, the customer is required to fill application form for the service, pay the amount of fee determined for the service and meet service pre-requisites such as,

  • Two professionals graduated with at least first degree in Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication, Communication, Computer engineering, Information and communication technology, Computer science, Management information system or Business administration and information technology or related fields and having 2 years’ experience in the information and communication technology sector.
  • One professional graduated with at least technical and vocational diploma in Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication, Information and communication technology, or training certificate or company certification in the field or related fields.
  • If the license requested includes call center service, 2 call agent professionals are also required, and Automatic Call Distribution equipment is also required:
  • The service requesting company or organization should also have routers, servers and related equipment necessary for the service provision;

Required Documents to be attached

  • Correctly filled service application form
  • Article and memorandum of Association if the service requesting body is share company
  • Tax Payer Identification Certificate
  • Commercial Registration Certificate
  • Investment License if the service requesting organization is foreign company
  • Educational evidences of professionals
  • Employment contract of professionals should also be submitted within 6 months period after getting the  license of value added services;
  • Photograph of customer or general manager of Share Company

For the service of renewal of license for value added services, the customer is required to submit filled service application form attached with letter of tax clearance and previous certificate of license of value added services.

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