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The innovation and technology ministry is one of the 19 ministerial offices re-organize in a new manner by being accountable to the office of the prime minister after duly established as per Article 55 Sub Article 1 of the FDRE Proclamation No. 1097/2018.

  • Philosophies
  • Responsibilities
  • Background

To ensure the sustainability of the country's development by creating an environment in which innovation systems are implemented.

Build a country that is conducive for job and wealth creation through technology and innovation.

  • Moral virtue and earnestness  
  • Avid thirst for knowledge and learning
  • Work ethic and diligence
  • Unbounded imagination and thinking
  • A foundation for generations to come
  • Knowledge is resource

  • We give credit to new thoughts

  • Diligence is a power of positive change

  • Innovation and Technology is the language of the new generation

  • Motivating innovation is feeding hope for the generation

  • Modern technology is the foundation of our doth

In accordance with Article 20 Sub Article 1 of Proclamation No. 1097/2019 enacted by the FDRE Council of People’s Representatives, the following powers and duties is hereby given to the Ministerial Office.

  1. Prepares, executes innovation and technology research and development programs basing on the national development direction, prepares institutional capacity and human resource development in order to efficiently execute and also follows up its practical implementation.

  2. Provides the necessary professional and technical support for regional innovation and technology institutions capacity building.

  3. Collaborate with the concerned bodies for the purpose of determining standards enabling to keep the quality, safety and reliability of information technology service, and also follow up their practical implementation.

  4. Supports institutions and professional capacity building, professional associations and academics that being participate in innovation and technology.

  5. Collaborates with the concerned bodies so as to ascertain that the curriculum of the nation is formulated in light of innovation and technology development.

  6. Putting place a system enabling to covers the technology demand, looking for appropriate technologies and practically utilizing it in collaborating is the concerned bodies, and also follow up its execution.

  7. Identify immerging innovation and technology research and studies required for growth of the nation, collaborates national research programs.

  8. Encourages researches, studies and mainstreaming works for upgrading, growing up and supply to the market endemic technologies, encourages, support, individuals, professional associations and academic that may contribute for the betterment and development of Innovation and technology

  9. Put in place a system of awarding and motivating individuals and institutions contribute for the development of Innovation and technology and the growth of inventive works and also practically implement the same.

  10. Register the data of transformed technologies in the sector, collaborating the works of codification and containment thereby making them put for the disposal of consequence works.

  11. Ascertain arrangement of conditions that can support fundamental systems and services rendering to the public substantiated with technology and render better service to beneficiaries than at any time in the past.

  12. Establish, collaborate, support councils supporting cooperation of research words.

  13. Organize Innovation and technology data base, compile information, issues levels of data keeping.

  14. Collaborate with the concerned bodies in order to beard up, coordinate information system of Federal and Regional Government Institutions, supports installation of safe and the proper standard information technology.

  15. Cooperate, follows up the concerned bodies for the purpose of creating national administrative system in the name of the country’s higher identification domain and properly utilize it. Appropriate domain name for the purpose of building up and cooperating data systems of governmental institutions, register address, supervise the same.

  16. Follows up and monitor the proper implementation of supervision system of use and disposal of radiation and materials related to it.

  17. Issues national telecommunication plan, assign figures, administer and supervise the utilization.

  18. Issues license and supervise those engaging in rendering telecommunication and postal service, confirm the technical capacity of telecommunication equipment.

  19. Approve, supervise the radio frequency utilization allocated for Ethiopia, the powers and duties vested up on communication, information and technology ministry concerning information technology as per the prevailing other laws and provisions, the powers and duties vested up on Science and Technology Ministry concerning technology are hereby issued to Ministry of Innovation and Technology as per the present proclamation.

The Innovation and Technology ministry is established as a government institution for the first time in level of commission as per the provision of Proclamation No. 62/76. Consequent to this, it has been re-organized and operated in the name of the name of “FDRE Science and Technology” in the level of Ministry as per Proclamation No. 603/2009.

As per Proclamation No. 1097/2019 enacted to re-organize executive bodies in the year 2019, the ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology are united and re-organized in the name of “Ministry of Innovation and Technology”. The institution has been carrying out various activities since the time it is established in the level of commission up to these days and with a view to realize the vision to see building up of bridge to transform our country to overall prosperity by supported with innovation technology knowledge and research skill has been implemented as of very recently.


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