Council of Ministers Endorses Digital Ethiopia 2025 Strategy

The digital Ethiopia 2025 strategy that was drafted in synchronization with the country’s national development vision, policy goals, and prioritized sectors was endorsed by the Council of Ministers on June 15, 2020. .

His Excellency Abreham Belay (PHD),  Minister of Innovation and Technology stated that that the strategy was developed on the basis of the three pillars of the economy (agriculture, manufacturing, and service), prioritized sectors, and national objectives of the Job Creation with special consideration to  increase accesses to foreign currency and ensure  inclusive prosperity.

The strategy includes the deployment and implementation of technologies to support the agriculture sector to add values as well as support and encourage technological job creation in the sector.  It also highlights the importance of creating and implementing new communication technologies in the manufacturing sector enhance the logistics management with technology to improve access to foreign currency, provide infrastructure to centers with high capacity and talent, and reestablishing the information technology park launch with its full services.

The strategy also aims to establish tourism digitalization task force to digitalize the tourism industry, improve tourist flow, span of stay, and the level of engagement. . It also includes tactics to be employed by small and medium tourism operators’ on usage of internet, digital payment, and other digital technologies

The digital transformation strategy is prepared in synchronization with the country economic reform agenda and ten years development plan.  It is also in harmony with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and AU’s Continental Digital Strategy.

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