Ethiopia is committed and strongly supporting the Global Data Security initiative proposed by Chinese Government.

Our Ministry wants to be part of the Global Data Security initiatives proposed by China.
The Global Data Security Initiatives requests all Countries to put equal emphasis on development and security, and take a balanced approach to technological progress, economic development and protection of national security and public interests; and calls on all States to support this initiative and confirm their commitments for Global data Security through bilateral, regional and international agreements.

Ethiopia recognized that this initiative is in line with the National Digital Transformation Strategy of the Country, which is designed to promote Digital Economy in Ethiopia.

The Digital Transformation Strategy indicates, inter alia, the need for strong data protection, which is the life blood of the digital economy.
Pursuing the adoption of the National Digital Transformation Strategy, Ethiopia has drafted a Personal Data Protection Proclamation (PDP).

The Proclamation has passed through all the drafting stages and now ready to be approved by the Government. The PDP, among other things, indicates the need for protecting and securing Personal Data and define the legal requirements and procedures to processes Personal Data in Ethiopia.

The proclamation also declares the steps to follow on transferring Personal Data to jurisdictions out of Ethiopia.

The Global Data Security initiative clearly indicates that in the context of closer global cooperation and new development of international division of labor, maintaining supply chain security of ICT products and services has never become more important for boosting users’ confidence, ensuring data security, and promoting digital economy. Similarly, the Ethiopian Digital Transformation Strategy recognizes using digital technologies to participate in the Global Value chains is one of the key points to ensure the digital transformation of the Country.

The strategy reaffirms that the ability to deliver products on record time and at an affordable cost, from the point of origin to final destination, has become an essential prerequisite for competitiveness.

Therefore, Ethiopia is committed and strongly supporting the Global Data Security initiative proposed by Chinese Government .

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