Message from the Minister!

Dear followers of this page,

It is a proven fact that innovation and technology capacity building is having tremendous role for the overall growth and prosperity of a nation. Hence, it is required to revise and look the course of our innovation technology growth since we are in a world where technological growth is advancing. Our nation has been enacting and implementing strategies, policies and plans in the Science and Technology sector to transform the sector since 1995. 

We have been working to empower actors in the sector to alleviate the deep-rooted poverty in a way to contribute towards the social and economic growth of the nation. Hence, a relentless effort has been exerted to construct a qualified manpower and adaptive technology by searching, supplying, copying and adapting a technology put for the disposal of the development plan and transformation path of the nation that arise from the industrial demand.

Following the new leadership change in the nation and with the view to support the new home-grown economy, the ministry of innovation and technology is reestablished as per Proclamation No. 1097/2018. The new establishment of the Ministry has created the capacity to enacting new policies and strategies in the technology sector that are in line with the nations development plan and now the Ministry has developed  a 10 year sectoral development plan which is being implemented.

The new development plan has clearly identified its essential to use a digital technology to achieve the plan. Therefore, an inclusive Digital Transformation Strategy has been prepared which is direct derivative from the home-grown economic plan, that will achieve the 10-year development plan and that will strength the sector. This Digital Ethiopia 2025 strategy will be a big milestone by achieving the homegrown economic plan and will assure a national inclusive and prosperous new dimensional development.

This has been possible because the new enthusiastic leaders have a clear vision in the Innovation and Technology sector and their uninterrupted support to it.

The Innovation and Technology sector is working towards creating more jobs, by facilitating the working environment upgrade living standard of the public and creating an environment where citizens can get both government and private sector services at a convenient place for them.

It’s also essential to create / enable a platform where citizens can get enough information about the content and execution of the national digital transformation strategy and the electronic transaction proclamation. Considering this we have developed this website. I hereby respectfully call up on you with the due trust to contribute your part by utilizing the information provided here with a view to enable taking and using the necessary timely data from the website, developing and providing feedback in due course.

Mr Belelete Molla