Ministry of Innovation and Technology to Enhance Technological Infrastructure in Regions to Close the Federal-Region Gap in Technology

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology held discussions with regional and urban administrative officials on the policy, strategy plan it has prepared for the coming 10 years.

The discussion highlighted that Ethiopia’s economy remains one of the lowest in the world because the country uses outdated and limited technologies, which contributes to its inability to utilize ample resources available to develop the economy fast. The participants also emphasized limited infrastructure in most of the country means little or no opportunities to develop technologies to solve the country’s pressing problems. 

It was mentioned at the event that the Ministry’s ten-year plan will focus on solving this problem through ensuring technology contributes to the fast and unimpeded development of Ethiopia.

Addressing the participants of the event, His Excellency Abreham Belay (PHD), Minister of Innovation and Technology stated that his Ministry will work to ensure technological standards between federal level and regions are in par through improving infrastructure across all regions.

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