The Ministry of Innovation and Technology summoned newly assigned diplomat to make own contributions for the implementation of digital Ethiopia 2025

At a workshop organized by his Ministry to familiarize newly assigned diplomats with the Digital Ethiopia 2025 Strategy, His Excellency Abreham Belay (PHD), Minister of Innovation and Technology addressed the diplomats. His Excellency stressed the importance of the event by stating the diplomats are expected to contribute to its implementation of the Digital Ethiopia Strategy by effectively promoting it to the Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia in countries they are based in. 

He also added that the diplomats should work to implement other national plans using the ten year’s development plan as a north star.

Dr. Ahmedin Mohammed, State Minister of Innovation and Technology, on his part, stated that agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and other technologically supported services have been identified as pillars to the strategy and three enabling directions to the practical implementation of the strategy on the ground is detailed out in the document.

As a follow on to the induction workshop, the diplomats are expected to identify enabling technologies based on outcome and facilitate its successful transfer to Ethiopia.

The Digital Ethiopia 2025 strategy was endorsed by the Council of Ministers on June 15, 2020.

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